Dianax featured in “Platinum Aziende e Protagonisti”.

The Italian financial journal Il Sole 24 Ore on its Magazine Platinum – Aziende & Protagonisti (Platinum – Companies and Business Leaders, in its English version) has published today a one-page article on Dianax in the issue of March 2018 under the section of the magazine dedicated to the “Research & Innovation” with an interview to our CEO Andrea Zanella and our CTO and Founder Eugenio Iannone. Platinum – Aziende & Protagonist is a publication of the 24 ORE Group, the leading Italian and European multimedia publishing organization, operating in the economic, financial, professional, and cultural information sector. http://www.platinum-online.com/marzo-2018-anna-sirica/

A game-changing innovation lets patients do their own blood tests, instantly and even from the comfort of their homes

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