Portfolio Companies

Spactiv Spa. Is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (“SPAC”) listed in the AIM Stock Exchange operated by Borsa Italiana. Founded by Milano Capital and the Borletti Group in July 2017, it raised € 90m from Italian and international investors in a widely oversubscribed Initial Public Offering in September 2017. Spactiv’s goal is to merge with a company operating in the value chain of the Lifestyle sectors – Food& Beverage, Fashion, Design, Other Consumer Goods, Health & Wellness, Tourism. The target will become itself listed on the stock exchange as a result of the transaction.

Founded in 1946 and led since then by the Baracchi family, Baraclit is the leading manufacturer of concrete prefabricated buildings for the industrial and commercial segments in Italy. With a 300.000 square meter facility in Bibbiena, Italy, 350 employees and a turnover of over €60 million, Baraclit has manufactured more than 15,000 buildings covering more than 22m  square meters. Its innovative semi-transparent “Aliant” covering brought the level of brightness of industrial and commercial buildings to another level. Its b.POWER division is recognized as a center of excellence in the development of photovoltaic products.

Dianax manufactures portable testing devices to analyze blood and other body fluids. Its patented, low-cost, award-winning technology allows for greater precision, robustness, durability, and ease of use than any other portable technology. Founded in 2013 by Eugenio Iannone, Maurizio Moroni and a group of Investors orchestrated by Milano Capital’s Gabriele Bavagnoli, Dianax raised € 4m from Private and Institutional Investors. In 2015 it won the “Seal of Excellence” award from the European Community and in 2016 it was selected for the Horizon 2020 programme, resulting in a € 2m grant. Dianax’ goal is to prevent and help treat diseases affecting more than 1 billion people and including diabetes and anaemia.